What is CEFDA?

The CEFDA (Common Exchange Format for Development Activity information) was developed by the International Network for Development Information Exchange (INDIX). The CEFDA is a set of data fields which agencies working in the field of development can use as a guideline when exchanging data about their activities. This format is intended to help agencies to overcome the problems encountered when exchanging data in different information systems. The CEFDA is not tied to a particular computer software or hardware, or language.

The CEFDA represents a suggested minimum set of fields required to exchange information about development activities. Exchange partners may agree to add other information beyond the minimum required by the CEFDA, if they wish. Data contributed to the Coordinating Unit for INDIX for inclusion on the DAI CD-ROM must be in CEFDA format.

Data must be submitted:

  • on unlabelled tape or diskette or via the Internet in
  • in ISO 2709 or – CEFDA tag-data format
  • or on CEFDA worksheets”